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For Vincent Anthony Kyle, Everett, MA was a spotlight city way before they decided to put a casino here. His parents were born and both grew up in this city and they were the model for having hard working, family first ideals. Vincent was born and raised here too but he hasn’t gone two straight days without wanting to scam or hurt someone, and he’s not exactly sure why, other than the desire for chaos has a stronger draw than being normal like everyone else. Paul Barrett clearly didn’t deserve to die because of him but if that poor bastard had his shit together than maybe Vincent finally could’ve made things right.  

DRAG is the first novel offered by Domenic D. Augustus and S.M Dudley and it is a dark and suspenseful story depicting the sociopathic tendencies of its main character, Vincent, while highlighting the landscape just north of Boston, MA. The details are sharp, the characters evoke relatable tragedy, and the story is gripping and refreshingly unpredictable.


Being numb is the only way I know how to get through the day.   

Numb in the literal, desensitized sense of the word but also it is my self-given pseudonym when I am alone discussing things with my conscience. Reciting “I am—Numb” is how I justify my internal, destructive emotions. I have grown into this stagnation, but I have yet to embrace the initial trigger that started me on my self-destructive and menacing path. “Why do I not control the things that I innately know to be wrong?” ...

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about the authors

Domenic D. Augustus

 lives just north of Boston and feels uniquely blessed with the Italian and Irish heritage that he was born into.  A combination that fostered a family first loyalty and the mindset that hard work and honesty shall pave the way to better things. His love of reading anything suspenseful led to the goal of someday crafting a novel of his own, weaving characters from his past and a story line that steals stories from the days of his youth.


S. M. Dudley

works on projects that range from historical fiction and fantasy to horror and suspense. She has a particular interest in local lore and legend and loves to weave tales set in the landscape of her small hometown and it's rural surroundings. Also an avid reader with a love of profiling people and analyzing the human condition, she credits Stephen King for her sometimes dark imagination, but even more for her deep and complicated characters.   

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